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PBL Works

​The Buck Institute of Education is the leader in training and resources for Project Based Learning. They have just released the gold standard in implementation of Project Based Learning. The goal at Buck is to provide teachers with professional development that will allow them to engage students in authentic real world projects that are motivational. As STEM Instructional Specialists, we use this method to connect students to careers in our region and involve them in authentic projects in which they can rely on leaders in industry, community college and universities in the area, for enhancement of their project. 






Transformational Central STEM Center

Transformation Central is a Texas STEM Center that aligns Secondary education to economic development. There are PBL videos that demonstrate the methods that they use to accomplish this. They also offer training and resources that are useful to many across the nation.



Project Based Learning

 PBL Presentation



This presentation demonstrates the importance of learning in context and the effectiveness of connecting students to real world application. The PBL process allows students to engage in a project in which they propose solutions to real problems. Teachers will participate a launch event in order to better understand how it feels to be a student and gain a perspective on instruction. A fully developed project will be presented after the launch event.

 STEMisED PBL Workbook for Teachers



This workbook should provide a step-by-step process for creating a PBL in your classroom. 

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